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Project “buang kutu”

Received a call from Irene… caretaker of The Promise Home in Kota Kemuning..
Arrived Promise home with a mission to remove lice from these kids.  These kids got complained from the school.. So have no choice but to cut their hair really short.. unfortunately, some of them dont enjoy getting “short ” haircut…. guess what, they cried… Pretty tough for me but after much persuasion by teacher Gwen, the kids finally agreed to cut short..

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There’s a new project coming up….. need a big faith to execute it…





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FUN-d Raising for TGCS

TGCS stands for Touch n’Grow Community Support. Its a home centre dedicated to provide alternative education for special kids with learning difficulties/disability such as issues like ADHD or Dyslexia.  As part of Kota Kemuning residence and bussines owner , I was invited to join this fund raising event…Was so excited as this event is held in a school ..cutting hair in the school… Definitely gonna be fun.


Some of the foods sold were lasagna, kuih muih …nasi kerabu… Sandwiches n more..
As for my booth, total haircuts in 5 hours is 15people..which is RM 450 …


Pretty casual setting .. in a classroom … remind me of my sekolah rendah..

Then  my church buddies came to support the cause….. Andrew Teo came out with the idea to take pics of sad face before and happy face after fresh haircuts….ya so here u go…IMG_20140323_195731

IMG-20140322-WA0034ANDREW TEO after the reLEXing haircut…

IMG_20140323_172845 IMG-20140322-WA0013

TAN SUNG LIN….IMG-20140322-WA0009 IMG-20140322-WA0007 IMG-20140322-WA0003


Twas a pretty tiring session of cutting non stop for 5hours… wish i can cut more and contribute to TGCS…. perhaps next year. Thank God for the total amount raised were close to about RM10,000 ….





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Months ago… i posted on Kota Kemuning Facebook group to offer haircut services to the needy..  received a lot of positive comments and got a list of “homes” that i plan to visit… so back in January i visited this home ..


“The Promise Home”
No 19, Jalan Anggerik Arand 31/170C, Kota Kemuning

Promise Home houses more than 30 over Orang Asli kids from Tapah , SlimRiver (Perak) who were born to severely poor aboriginal families in the extreme rural kampungs, with no opportunities to study or to even interact with the rest of the world.The mission of this home is to provide shelter and proper education to these kids. Some of them are so talented in music that they can play various music instruments.


This home is founded by a Korean lady….  Iris Kim Jeong Min
Yes, a korean lady ..and she can speak Bahasa fluently.

Plan to visit them again very soon…  🙂



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First Blog


I’ve decided to start a blog after a chat with my buddies , the Tan sisters..

They inspire me to write and share stuffs about me – hair business, and some not so hairy business……

Therefore, this blog will contain stories n stuffs related to hair, not so hairy stuff ….and stuffs that revolve around me.


not a good writer…. and dont usually write.

I believe in KISS….


cheers :)


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