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#HeavenOnEarth #BeAwesomeToSomebody

Two weeks ago, David Oh gave me a chance to share my personal journey of #HeavenOnEarth and #BeAwesomeToSomebody . At first I was a bit nervous . But this allow me to reflect of God’s grace that has enabled me to walk this far. When I started to pen down my journey of cutting hair , there’s just so many memories and flash back that came out of my mind.
And I just can’t stop but thanking God for every piece of the memories of my past. And God begin to tell me, you can’t see the future yet, it’s easier to look back and understand today.




 I’m so grateful that many were blessed and inspired. It’s great to see more and more of young people coming together and use what they have in their hand to be a blessing to this society.

It’s been awhile since I shared something on stage and I’m still very nervous . But it’s all worth it when people begin to see that change in their heart. And that’s what I desire for this generation. Being selfless and having great passion to transform this society that we live in. 

The message is clear by David Oh, he ended the sermon with the question, “What is in your hand ?”

Everyone has their own skills or ability that has great potential to be Good News. We just have to discover it and sometimes, get our hands dirty 🙂

Yesterday , The Star newspaper featured me again but this time in R.age section. This time it talks more of the hair school in DignityForChildren Foundation.

Nonetheless, the whole interview process made me recall again my journey and the reporter would ask questions that I have to dig out my memories ….and to share more stories about my students.



The full article can be read here.
I was a little shocked as well because  the write up was 3 full pages with color. David Oh reminded me again, “Lex , God is enlarging you and expanding your influence more”
We are in the midst of planning and something greater is coming along for my ministry and business.

And I can’t do this without His daily grace. I’m constantly praying for more wisdom and strength to do this.

#BeAwesomeToSomebody #HeavenOnEarth #BeGoodNews


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Promise Home with Nick Davis

Monday. 26th Oct. 2015.

It was my offday. Decided to ring up Iris and asked if the kids needed a haircut. True enough cus I haven’t been cutting these kids hair for awhile. So I decided to bring along my apprentice barber , Nick Davis.

This time round was different . Nick brought along his tripod and iPhone 6 to shoot his Vlog. 

Check out his Vlog here.

It feels good that this begin to inspire more people like Nick and help them see beyond self. More than just a haircut , it can bring joy to some people. 



I’ve been thinking and planning a lot in expanding myself and finding ways to multiply myself. As much as I want to do more to inspire more people, I want to build a strong team as well .

 I’m so thankful and grateful that God has put great people in my life to journey this with me.  


Can’t wait for my next solo trip to Cambodia.

 Time for some good rest.



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Rushed to Brickfield to meet up with David and his team. We start off with prayer and briefing by a group of leaders. 

We then were divided to few team and guided by a leader for each group.

My group consist of David Oh , me and two lady. We walk along the street in Brickfield , we saw a lot of drunk homeless…. As we try to approach one that’s lying on street and asleep, we begin to pass him some food and drinks. He woke up , saying thanks and we begin to chat more with him. A passer by stop by and discouraged us by saying the bad stuff about these homeless people….he described the homeless guy as “useless”, “waste of time to feed them” , “lazy” and some not so pleasant to the ear..

It’s tough but we refuse to debate with this passerby .. We continue to just talk to the homeless guy and spend a little more time trying to find out about him. He then allowed us to pray for him .. He needs a haircut, so we walk towards a lane where’s there few more guy that’s also looking forward for a haircut… To my surprise , I saw a few of them actually lying and resting beside a dump site … It was smelly , dirty and fill with rats , yes RATS !

My greatest fear and nightmare. My mind couldn’t comprehend how they can actually sleep there . It’s really heart broken and I’m really speechless …..

After giving them haircuts, our team proceed to an uncle that is having difficulty in walking. He has a knee problem… We prayed in faith and believe in Holy Spirit to release healing… And he immediately felt better… My faith was so enlarged seeing this happening.

I really hope our government will do something for the hygiene and curb this social issue… How many more need to sleep under such tough environment …

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