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Had 2 interview today.

Pretty exhaustive.

Rushed off to CM right after teaching in Dignity.

There’s a great sense of joy…coming back to this familiar place. Central market KL.

Agreed for an interview with True Complexion , founded by Rozella and Melissa Toh. Amazing people .

True Complexion is a project about  empowering and inspiring people who have skin conditions and other physical or mental struggle .

After that  , back to back …I was later interviewed by Astro Awani . I hope this story will continue to bring hope and love to the people who read and watch it. 


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Amplitude Barbershop X SHELL Malaysia

 Partnered with Shell to give haircut for some of the folks who live in this shelter for the homeless .






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Vincent Cheng Photography. 

Awhile ago , it was somewhat a random and impromptu thought of just get a few ppl and head down to KL… Feed and cut the homeless.

Manage to gather few people , Min Yang , Khim Hai , Vincent Cheng , Phoebe Wong and some friends .

The video –>


Along the way we met a lady who’s in pain and having a bad fever. Thank God we have a nurse in our team. She manage to check and get her some panadols. That night , our friend Dr Madhu and his team rushed to see her…

Thank God for amazing people like Phoebe and Dr Madhu.           

These boy here is Panjunk. That’s his FB name .. He’s struggling with various health issue. When we met him , he was high in glue addiction . It was kinda scary at first to offer them a haircut but if this is what it takes to go into their life …transformation begin there and then.


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