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Othrs. X  BadLab @ One Utama

We got a job by BadLab to giveaway haircuts at One Utama. 

An event going on for 6 days.

Got my Asli Barbers to involve and they’re so excited and nervous  is its their first time at such an event and scale. Totally lost count on how many haircuts they gave but yeah , it’s an eye opening experience for Apong, Meran and Jor.


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Pulau Indah – OneWay


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Runggus Barber

 Our latest sponsored youth from Kudat, Sabah. They’re from the tribe of Runggus. Today’s the first day of their training. Looking forward to see them become successfull barbers and life being transformed.  

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Cut x dignity














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Asli – IMU


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ULC-Law students from UM


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Apung , Jor & Maran



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