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2016-11-05T11:04:33+00:00By |

Barbering Course Scholarship For The Underprivileged.

I’m so excited to announce this.

I’m giving away 10 spots of BARBERING COURSE .

As some of you (close friends) know, that i recently (finally) got funded by an NGO to initiate this project to give away this skill to the underprivileged .

It’s a unique program where i’m partnering with iM4U , a local NGO with the mission to empower the youth of Malaysia and promote the volunteerism spirit .

This barbering course will be conducted at Amplitude Barbershop (USJ9) and the duration for this course is 2 months of training.  The usual cost for this barbering course is RM3650.

As a form of giving back and continuing to inspire the youth,  at the end of this course each student will be required to commit to 10 volunteering activities together with me.

We will be giving away free haircuts to :-

Homeless community
Old folks homes
Underprivileged homes
and more..

Basically to use our skill to bring positive impact in this society.

Criteria for students:-

> Household (both parent combined)  income less than RM4000
> Single parent family
> Underprivileged background.
> Basic proficiency in Bahasa Melayu or English
> Passion / Interest in men’s grooming and barbering
> Independent and able to manage own time

> Malaysian age 17-30

Barbering Course Structure :-

  • Basic men’s hairdressing / barbering foundation
  • Classic & contemporary haircut techniques
  • Basic fading techniques
  • Precision techniques


Duration : 12 lessons (5-6 hours per session)
Classes : Monday & Thursday / 11am – 4pm / 4pm – 9pm (optional of morning class and night class)
Location : AMPLITUDE BARBERSHOP , USJ 9 , Subang Jaya.
Commencement of course : 13th JUNE 2016
Deadline of enrollment : 5th June 2016


Graduation criteria under this program :-

> 90% attendance – 60 hours of training
> FULFILL 100 haircuts under supervision of LEX
> Commit 10 volunteering activities together with LEX



Benefit of this BARBERING PROJECT.

  • Bring a positive change to the Malaysian underprivilleged community
  • Inspiring youth to make a difference in society
  • Bridging the gap between urban and rural communities
  • Giving a “second-chance” to troubled youth
  • Create jobs opportunity for the youth
  • Improve economic status of the underprivileged community
  • Promote volunteerism spirit


So if anyone know any youth that can benefit from this program, do write to me at [email protected] or call me at 016-6911024.

All applicants are required to come for a simple interview.

Deadline of enrollment : 5th June 2016

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2016-11-05T11:14:58+00:00By |

Ryuya Seki

This is Ryu.

Ryuya Seki. He’s a traveller and backpacking around the world for a year.

Here’s his pit stop at Malaysia and he’s on his mission while backpacking. To raise fund for the earthquake in his homeland back in Japan. Village Kyushu.

It was a busy season for me due to business , training, and renovation work in my barbershop… having this guy here was right on time cus he offered to help me  paint my shop for free  🙂

Since we share the same passion for hairdressing , and Ryu’s mission was to use his skill for good cause…we find a lot of similiarities … So i decided to bring him around and use our skill to bring colours to our beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur .

Brought him to cut hair on the street for our homeless friend in KL.

Brought him to my hairdressing class at Dignity For Children Foundation and we taught the students together.

On Sunday , i brought him to a torturous hiking trip… more of torturing for me not him… i suffered blister and cuts for 10 hours of hike to Mount Nuang.  It was raining at the peak… but we cooked a storm up there…. and made many new friends..

Kinda miss this guy now.

Oh ya… Ryu raised in total RM980 just by cutting hair at my barbershop. He’s sending this money back to Kyushu for the construction work. When i asked him is RM980 too little ? He replied ………….

“its the spirit and value that matter. Its our value as Japanese  to help one another. ”

Here’s something for me to learn from this guy. Till we meet again.


2016-05-20T13:09:10+00:00By |

Yangon , Myanmar

 First day….

these are pure gold


extrovert level 10


the caretaker of the pagoda


first home visit


this is David Tang


and that’s Cayman Yong clearing lice for the kids


Maran Ah Brang


its school holiday here, hence the hair color


you… yes you.


with Sally and Olivia











final day.


this small little kindergarden was built to serve the local community of children here. They are Buddhist , Muslim and Christian children. That’s how it should be . l


Gave Adele this experience , hope she’ll remembers it


when i took this picture , i was told about the story of this little girl. living in this slum and poor area , she couldnt get any proper education and looking at her size i thought she was in her 12 or 13 yrs old. But she’s almost 18. This break my heart.


my two impromptu assistant


thanks for teaching me about dedication.


without her , this trip can be quite boring ….. cus this girl can really talk 😀




at the end of my journey here, i decided to give all my tools to Aung MyoSen. its probably the greatest feeling ever.


our beautiful host , an amazing family, Ps Daniel, Ps Charity and their beautiful kids


one of my best experience was to know this man. we cant communicate much due to language barrier but God allowed us to converse in the language of Love.


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Kg Sembulan















2016-04-13T22:55:05+00:00By |


Had 2 interview today.

Pretty exhaustive.

Rushed off to CM right after teaching in Dignity.

There’s a great sense of joy…coming back to this familiar place. Central market KL.

Agreed for an interview with True Complexion , founded by Rozella and Melissa Toh. Amazing people .

True Complexion is a project about  empowering and inspiring people who have skin conditions and other physical or mental struggle .

After that  , back to back …I was later interviewed by Astro Awani . I hope this story will continue to bring hope and love to the people who read and watch it. 


2016-03-10T06:37:43+00:00By |

Amplitude Barbershop X SHELL Malaysia

 Partnered with Shell to give haircut for some of the folks who live in this shelter for the homeless .






2016-05-20T16:53:06+00:00By |


Vincent Cheng Photography. 

Awhile ago , it was somewhat a random and impromptu thought of just get a few ppl and head down to KL… Feed and cut the homeless.

Manage to gather few people , Min Yang , Khim Hai , Vincent Cheng , Phoebe Wong and some friends .

The video –> https://vimeo.com/vincentcheng/loveklstreetfeeding


Along the way we met a lady who’s in pain and having a bad fever. Thank God we have a nurse in our team. She manage to check and get her some panadols. That night , our friend Dr Madhu and his team rushed to see her…

Thank God for amazing people like Phoebe and Dr Madhu.           

These boy here is Panjunk. That’s his FB name .. He’s struggling with various health issue. When we met him , he was high in glue addiction . It was kinda scary at first to offer them a haircut but if this is what it takes to go into their life …transformation begin there and then.


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