I’m so excited to announce this.

I’m giving away 10 spots of BARBERING COURSE .

As some of you (close friends) know, that i recently (finally) got funded by an NGO to initiate this project to give away this skill to the underprivileged .

It’s a unique program where i’m partnering with iM4U , a local NGO with the mission to empower the youth of Malaysia and promote the volunteerism spirit .

This barbering course will be conducted at Amplitude Barbershop (USJ9) and the duration for this course is 2 months of training.  The usual cost for this barbering course is RM3650.

As a form of giving back and continuing to inspire the youth,  at the end of this course each student will be required to commit to 10 volunteering activities together with me.

We will be giving away free haircuts to :-

Homeless community
Old folks homes
Underprivileged homes
and more..

Basically to use our skill to bring positive impact in this society.

Criteria for students:-

> Household (both parent combined)  income less than RM4000
> Single parent family
> Underprivileged background.
> Basic proficiency in Bahasa Melayu or English
> Passion / Interest in men’s grooming and barbering
> Independent and able to manage own time

> Malaysian age 17-30

Barbering Course Structure :-

  • Basic men’s hairdressing / barbering foundation
  • Classic & contemporary haircut techniques
  • Basic fading techniques
  • Precision techniques


Duration : 12 lessons (5-6 hours per session)
Classes : Monday & Thursday / 11am – 4pm / 4pm – 9pm (optional of morning class and night class)
Location : AMPLITUDE BARBERSHOP , USJ 9 , Subang Jaya.
Commencement of course : 13th JUNE 2016
Deadline of enrollment : 5th June 2016


Graduation criteria under this program :-

> 90% attendance – 60 hours of training
> FULFILL 100 haircuts under supervision of LEX
> Commit 10 volunteering activities together with LEX



Benefit of this BARBERING PROJECT.

  • Bring a positive change to the Malaysian underprivilleged community
  • Inspiring youth to make a difference in society
  • Bridging the gap between urban and rural communities
  • Giving a “second-chance” to troubled youth
  • Create jobs opportunity for the youth
  • Improve economic status of the underprivileged community
  • Promote volunteerism spirit


So if anyone know any youth that can benefit from this program, do write to me at [email protected] or call me at 016-6911024.

All applicants are required to come for a simple interview.

Deadline of enrollment : 5th June 2016

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