Rushed to Brickfield to meet up with David and his team. We start off with prayer and briefing by a group of leaders. 

We then were divided to few team and guided by a leader for each group.

My group consist of David Oh , me and two lady. We walk along the street in Brickfield , we saw a lot of drunk homeless…. As we try to approach one that’s lying on street and asleep, we begin to pass him some food and drinks. He woke up , saying thanks and we begin to chat more with him. A passer by stop by and discouraged us by saying the bad stuff about these homeless people….he described the homeless guy as “useless”, “waste of time to feed them” , “lazy” and some not so pleasant to the ear..

It’s tough but we refuse to debate with this passerby .. We continue to just talk to the homeless guy and spend a little more time trying to find out about him. He then allowed us to pray for him .. He needs a haircut, so we walk towards a lane where’s there few more guy that’s also looking forward for a haircut… To my surprise , I saw a few of them actually lying and resting beside a dump site … It was smelly , dirty and fill with rats , yes RATS !

My greatest fear and nightmare. My mind couldn’t comprehend how they can actually sleep there . It’s really heart broken and I’m really speechless …..

After giving them haircuts, our team proceed to an uncle that is having difficulty in walking. He has a knee problem… We prayed in faith and believe in Holy Spirit to release healing… And he immediately felt better… My faith was so enlarged seeing this happening.

I really hope our government will do something for the hygiene and curb this social issue… How many more need to sleep under such tough environment …