Last year I decided to commit 6 months teaching a group of 10 teenagers from Dignity for Children how to cut hair.
What started as a season of exploration and volunteering work for me has now evolved into something more long-term – and very exciting.
This year, I’ll be partnering with Dignity as a trainer and build a HAIR SCHOOL with them.
Many urban poor youth drop out of school by the time they reach secondary level – some to earn a living, some because they cannot see the relevance of a textbook to real life, and some because of both. Luckily, fighting poverty with education is not limited to textbooks and pencils. You can fight poverty with a handsaw, a needle, a camera, or a chef’s knife. Training youth with hands-on skills education can provide them with the means to secure employment in various industries.

This year, Dignity for Children Foundation is pioneering a skills-based program called STEP (Skills Training and Education Program). We aim to train youth aged 15-19 years in sewing, carpentry, F&B, childcare and hairdressing. Coupled with literacy, numeracy, communication skills training as well as other forms of leadership and character development, Dignity aims to help students step out of poverty – for good!

I’m volunteering myself into this project with the hope of seeing lives being blessed and changed through a pair of scissors. Breaking the cycle of poverty is not a one day job. It require the participation from the society , for the society.

We are searching for willing partners and sponsors to donate equipment or funds! If you’re interested to join me and sponsor do write to me at [email protected]

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Below is the official letter from DignityForChildren Foundation.




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It’s going to be another exciting journey for 2015.

God is good.