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Amplitude Barbershop X SFOKL

It was a rainy night. We partnered with Street Feeders Of KL also together with Dr Madhu , Syed Azmi , My Street Interview and more than hundreds of volunteers… As I lead my team of barbers, others were busy setting up their booth for medical check ,  food distribution and counseling for the homeless . Most importantly was to see the result of change , we focus a lot in conversing with the homeless community and bridge them to NGOs that can help them in finding jobs and etc. Twas a meaningful night to give haircuts together with my team, under the rain.


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Good Samaritan Home , Klang


National Day was yesterday , and today is another offday for most of us:)  For many years, I’ve been working during public holidays especially on National Day. This year is different,  I run my own business now and I get to decide when I’m off and yes , it’s a personal “Merdeka” for me.

So, a group of us led by Debbie Teong , headed to The Good Samaritan Home in Klang. Some of us in charge in playing games with the kids…. While me, with my 3 newly trained barber of less than a minute LOL… I encouraged my buddies to tag along and cut hair together with me .. It’s easy as most of the boys we required to cut really short . Basically , bald.  the hairstyle was easy , standard .  Mrs Wong , the caretaker of this home insisted on NO.2 hairstyle …..


these kids were really active and jovial. Unlike the orang asli kids who were more shy and timid. I guess it’s the environment they grew up that mould their personality.  Some of us lead the game and these kids can really shout and laugh..

image image image

meet Timothy , my fav kid… he has the most charming smile 🙂image image imageimageimage  image

image image

Had the opportunity to cut hair for the founder of this home , Ps. Albert .



Ps Albert shared about his journey of building this home since 14years ago. A calling that God has appointed him. Indeed it wasn’t easy and he is definitely a very down to earth and humble pastor….


Been cutting hair  non stop for 2hours .  Total haircuts more than 20kids. It was tiring but our team is more than blessed . As we are heading back, these kids came and gave us a hug 🙂




The smiles. Priceless .

Promised Ps Albert and Mrs Wong to volunteer myself again for haircut service every month.





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Journey begun

7th of July 2014…..

The first day of teaching in Dignity For Children Foundation..
I was kinda nervous yet excited..
7 months ago, it was just a thought in my head . An idea. An idea to bless this society with a pair of scissor.

I’ve been questioning myself. What’s next in life ? I’ve quit my job at Hairplay which I really love to stay… I’ve worked with some of the best hairstylist in Malaysia… I’ve worked as a trainer/stylist in Toni&Guy Malaysia&Singapore..12years of work. What’s next ?

I guess what really drives me is psoriasis. Yes , it’s psoriasis .
But why psoriasis ?

It’s an autoimmune disease that cause my skin to constantly crack and bleed. The amount of pain and itch, i.n.d.e.s.c.r.i.b.a.b.l.e

this psoriasis has caused so much pain that even doctor advised me to give up on hairdressing due to the chemical filled environment ,which likely will trigger it. (Hair coloring..perm .. Bleach and etc) Best is to avoid hazardous chemical as much as I can….I have no choice but to decide to just focus in haircut…


This is on my right arm..
This is a small patch, I have bigger one on my leg,ear , scalp chest and back…if you ever wonder if I do go to the doc ? Yes,i do..i have a long list of doctor , medication and remedies that I’ve tried …and I’m still trying .

Well, to cut the whole story short, psoriasis caused me to appreciate life more and appreciate all the little things in my life…

PSORIASIS caused me to pause and reflect and ponder upon life itself.

it causes me to wanna make the best out of my life instead of dwelling in disappointment of my skin condition- I want to do something with my haircut skill that will make a difference to the society….that’s when I realize why not give away that skill.

That’s when I decided , why not teach this skill to those who deserves it. Those who needs a survival skill in life. A skill that can feed them and help them to achieve breakthrough in life.

Life does not end with psoriasis. Some day psoriasis does feel like hell but I just gotta go through it.. Ever since I started this social project with , I’ve never been so excited about life before. Life with bigger purpose , bigger vision… Is a life worth lived.

I’m entering the 3rd week of teaching at Dignity. Can’t wait to see these underprivileged students to finish this course and embark in the journey towards a successful story of their own.














God is amazing.I believe it’s just the beginning… Beginning of a great story. . I’m believing for my dream to come true. That is to build a great and fun team of hairdresser/barber that will bless this society. I might no be able to change the world, why not change someone’s world =)

Thank God for the strength to go through daily living with psoriasis . Thank God for the vision …thank God for the mission..

Thank God …for choosing me.

Life is short, cut more hair


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FUN-d Raising for TGCS

TGCS stands for Touch n’Grow Community Support. Its a home centre dedicated to provide alternative education for special kids with learning difficulties/disability such as issues like ADHD or Dyslexia.  As part of Kota Kemuning residence and bussines owner , I was invited to join this fund raising event…Was so excited as this event is held in a school ..cutting hair in the school… Definitely gonna be fun.


Some of the foods sold were lasagna, kuih muih …nasi kerabu… Sandwiches n more..
As for my booth, total haircuts in 5 hours is 15people..which is RM 450 …


Pretty casual setting .. in a classroom … remind me of my sekolah rendah..

Then  my church buddies came to support the cause….. Andrew Teo came out with the idea to take pics of sad face before and happy face after fresh haircuts….ya so here u go…IMG_20140323_195731

IMG-20140322-WA0034ANDREW TEO after the reLEXing haircut…

IMG_20140323_172845 IMG-20140322-WA0013

TAN SUNG LIN….IMG-20140322-WA0009 IMG-20140322-WA0007 IMG-20140322-WA0003


Twas a pretty tiring session of cutting non stop for 5hours… wish i can cut more and contribute to TGCS…. perhaps next year. Thank God for the total amount raised were close to about RM10,000 ….





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Months ago… i posted on Kota Kemuning Facebook group to offer haircut services to the needy..  received a lot of positive comments and got a list of “homes” that i plan to visit… so back in January i visited this home ..


“The Promise Home”
No 19, Jalan Anggerik Arand 31/170C, Kota Kemuning

Promise Home houses more than 30 over Orang Asli kids from Tapah , SlimRiver (Perak) who were born to severely poor aboriginal families in the extreme rural kampungs, with no opportunities to study or to even interact with the rest of the world.The mission of this home is to provide shelter and proper education to these kids. Some of them are so talented in music that they can play various music instruments.


This home is founded by a Korean lady….  Iris Kim Jeong Min
Yes, a korean lady ..and she can speak Bahasa fluently.

Plan to visit them again very soon…  🙂



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