Received a call by Maybank. I thought something went wrong with my account .. Then I realized they wanna invite me to partnered with them in this programme call ” Go Ahead Challenge ”


It’s a similiar TV reality show to ” The Apprentice” 

Brought my entire team , Kevin, Bryan and Arief along with me .

(from left) Arief, Bryan , Kevin and me.

 It was a pretty rushed last min event and we were only told about this like 3 days ago. Basically , Maybank is giving out free foods and drinks to the public/ homeless. And we do what we do best, offer them the public a nice haircut or makeover . Something what Merdeka is all about. Celebrating diversity of ethnic , race and skin color’s differences .


before and after . haircut for this gentleman with his crazy mane.



posing before set up our station x)


with my poyo barberfam.


Arief, apprentice barber at Amplitude Barbershop.


It was a meaningful day for us at Amplitude Barbershop. What a way to celebrate Merdeka this year . The background is so awesome that we could do this everyday.  It was a great experience to do this in day time and outdoor. Definitely need more wireless clipper and perhaps time to invest in a  electric power generator …