Visited one of my lecturer , Ps. Elisha Satvinder …. the founder of  .
I had the privilege to visit the school where it cater to almost 1000 of students , from kindergarden , primary all the way to secondary school. This school’s mission is to break poverty through education. Their belief is to break the cycle of poverty by giving education freely to the under privileged .


We had a long chat …. a great chat indeed.

Well, the reason why i meet up with the founder…………

I’m offering haircut class for the vocational class.

It was a fruitful meeting with Ps. Elisha and his team .

Its indeed an exciting journey ahead for me.  As for now, i’m working on the class lessons and modules.  I hope this haircut “course” will benefit the underprivileged teens and will be a “seed” to grow and they shall become professional hairdresser one day.


2014-05-23 17.33.42

With Ps Elisha (middle) and Uncle Harry (left)

The haircut lessons will commence in July 2014…..


Praying to God for wisdoms and enlarge my capacity to do greater things for Him.