It’s my 2nd time here. The last visit I made was in mid 2014… This home is special to me because one special popo (grandma).  


She’s one bubbly and cheerful popo..Gave her a fresh haircut and she’d keep singing all the way. She can’t stop singing in mandarin songs.. She’s 85 now. After finishing haircut, we took a group photo together…what happened next was heart warming..she hold my hand tightly , and she say thank you , I’m like her grandkid..she said a prayer to me, prophesy that  I will found my life partner soon..haha (I was so shy I’m surrounded with other volunteers) lol..

I can see  her eyes begin to become watery and tears rolling down her eyes.. Gave her a hug … That hug , was one of those hug I’ll never forget in my life…It’s warm and it’s like i can feel grandma is longing for her kids or grandkids ..

I can sense strongly that popo is happy when someone actually took the time out to spend with her. ..Told her I will be back and trying to hold back my tears..

It’s tough to see this grandma refuse to let go her hand off me and with her watery eyes.

I can’t imagine if I’m at her age and feel lonely…not knowing where’s my family and no friends beside me…This remind me that work or money is not everything in life. Life is just too short for everything..Friends and families  are the colors of our life. Without them life’s just black and white.



A simple haircut session like this allow us to create quality conversations and open up hearts and comfort their heart. 

By cleaning and refreshing their haircuts, this gives dignity to those being rejected in society. This home also serve as a shelter to few abuse victim ,some mental ill patient and OKU.

I hope when I’m old, I will still smile and die smiling. Knowing that I’ve live my life to the fullest.