National Day was yesterday , and today is another offday for most of us:)  For many years, I’ve been working during public holidays especially on National Day. This year is different,  I run my own business now and I get to decide when I’m off and yes , it’s a personal “Merdeka” for me.

So, a group of us led by Debbie Teong , headed to The Good Samaritan Home in Klang. Some of us in charge in playing games with the kids…. While me, with my 3 newly trained barber of less than a minute LOL… I encouraged my buddies to tag along and cut hair together with me .. It’s easy as most of the boys we required to cut really short . Basically , bald.  the hairstyle was easy , standard .  Mrs Wong , the caretaker of this home insisted on NO.2 hairstyle …..


these kids were really active and jovial. Unlike the orang asli kids who were more shy and timid. I guess it’s the environment they grew up that mould their personality.  Some of us lead the game and these kids can really shout and laugh..

image image image

meet Timothy , my fav kid… he has the most charming smile 🙂image image imageimageimage  image

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Had the opportunity to cut hair for the founder of this home , Ps. Albert .



Ps Albert shared about his journey of building this home since 14years ago. A calling that God has appointed him. Indeed it wasn’t easy and he is definitely a very down to earth and humble pastor….


Been cutting hair  non stop for 2hours .  Total haircuts more than 20kids. It was tiring but our team is more than blessed . As we are heading back, these kids came and gave us a hug 🙂




The smiles. Priceless .

Promised Ps Albert and Mrs Wong to volunteer myself again for haircut service every month.