It’s confirmed.

Im partnering with to offer free haircut course for the underprivileged and needy teenager.

After months of preparation and meeting with Ps. Elisha , teacher Ben , aunty Beant and her team… we are finally ready to roll . As for now , we have 10 students enrolled . Its gonna be exciting to see the growth and progress of one teen in picking up haircut skill.

Ultimately, our vision is to empower the teen with a set of haircut skill and see them embark in a journey to break the cycle of poverty.  Too many untold stories of how poor the background of these kids and their family . Some of these kids are refugees and some are the urban poor families who live in this beautiful city of KL. I believe they can be nurtured and guided to strive in this society . All we need is to provide the first seed and help them grow.

I believe everyone can play a part to contribute in making this society a better place . Curbing poverty is not a one day job but it require effort from the society for the society.

As for now, i’m finalising my teaching materials , text book and the entire schedule of 6 months course.  I’m also looking for sponsorships and contributions in  cash to purchase  the haircut tools or sponsorship of the tools itself.

Tax exemption receipt will also be issued to contributor 🙂

The tools that we are getting for these teens are :-

* Scissor
* Sectioning clip
* Cutting cape
* Hairdryer
* Mannequin
* Clipper
* Razor / thinning scissor
* mirror and etc…..

The cost of the tools goes up to RM200 per student.  We are trying to purchase in bulk from the wholesaler so its cheaper.


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If you are interested to contribute , feel free to write to me at [email protected] or im reachable at 016-6911024.


Cheers 🙂