Homeless …… not hopeless.


Somewhere back in Dec last year, i was approached by a group of friends to join them for food distribution to the homeless people in the middle of  KL.. Petaling Street. They will distribute the food and i will provide haircut.

It was rainy and together with me was my good friend , David… who also joining me to give haircut to the homeless.  Its our first time giving haircut to these people.

We first approach them and gave them food and eventually asked if they need a haircut. Some happy to get haircut and some rejected .  It was a good session where they begin to open up to us and allow us to get to know them more while cutting their hair.  Its a mixed feeling when cutting hair for them and get to know their background… Mixed feeling of sad and dissapointed at the same time. Some of them were as young as 21 and as old as 60+ ….. dissapointed because some of them were young and energetic.  But after putting down the judgemental thought, i realized some of them couldnt get job because of various reasons. Mostly not fit to work due to health and some got rejected for some reasons.

Most of their stories of why they ended up there was very different from one another.  Some of us spend time chat and pray for them. It was something that i never experience before. To cut hair for the homeless and pray for them.

Months ago my dad just passed away,  some of these homeless is as old as my dad. Its really saddened to see these uncles ended up there and fighting each day for shelter  and fighting hunger…

One of this guy , he was in his late 20s… young and fit. After much chat with him , it sort of inspire to do something more than just distribute food and cut their hair for them… i  knew to help them is to first , change their mindset.

Im inspired to train these young homeless men…to learn haircut skill… at least , they learn to feed themselves. And ultimately build back their life and fight poverty. Well, this vision is birthed. ….Its not gonna be easy but i know God is with me 🙂  Im not sure how , but i believe in renewing their mindset and set free from poverty mindset is the first step to help them gain back their life.

I thank GOD for giving me this skill and a great church, great family and friends that supported me…….

Homeless, they are not hopeless.