Its Sunday . 23rd August 2015.

This time I brought along my sponsor , . It’s a startup company that does food delivery. MW generously donated 80pax of fried rice to the street homeless I usually go for street feeding.


sponsor of the day, Mr Ken (left) and ms Phoebe (right)

As usual I was greeted by some of the familiar faces of homeless . So glad that they are so comfortable with me..after much of building friendship with them through a pair of scissor .


Phoebe from


This post is to share a good news particularly about this two guy. Yang and Yong ( not real name ).

After giving food to them, we sat down and talk to them . Mr Ken, the owner of MW actually sat down and eat with one of the homeless uncle. 


mr Ken, eating together with the homeless uncle .

Back to Yang. I posted about him on my Instagram few months back. He was offered a job but somehow the job provider couldn’t hire him due to unknown reason. MW’s boss agreed to give him a job . His job is simple, distribute leaflets. Yang lost his ic while he was sleeping on the street. Mr Ken agreed to help him to report it and re apply for a new one. 


Yang, in his early 30s. from Terengganu. This picture was taken few months back before i give him a new haircut.

On the other side , Yong who is a little bit older. In his late 50s . Yong was also offered a job . To be a lorry driver’s assistant in MW . His first day of job with a wide smile.

Yong , on his first day of work.

 The boss, Mr Ken actually gave them RM5 on Sunday and told them to take a trip to Puchong by bus in the morning. True enough, Yong and Yang reached Puchong early in the morning at 9am sharp. Thank God they’re serious about this job. Mr Ken also provided them a temporary shelter by allowing them to sleep in the office.

That night , we had dinner together . Brought Yong and Yang out for a good dinner to encourage them to continue work hard and fight for their life irregardless of their past. Motivate them to stand strong on their feet even though life may be tough at times. To never give up and opportunities are everywhere if we see it through our heart , not eye. If there’s a will there’ll always be a way.


left , Yong. This is where Yong usually sleep every night . sleeping on a hard board beside a shoplot.


Yang, with his new colleagues. on his first day of work.


brought Yang and Yong out for a simple dinner to encourage and motivate them.

the guy in orange, Mr Ken. hardworking and generous guy. so much to learn from this gentleman.

At the end of the day, I can’t help but to keep praising God for allowing me to witness this . What started  as a simple desire to cut hair and build friendship with the homeless and believing in touching their lives, had turn out to be a testimony and a story that will continue to inspire others to do the same. And ultimately , is to share to the world what heaven feels like on earth. To show them a glimpse of God’s nature to them. That is to just love . Nothing else. 

This is perhaps just a new beginning for both Yang and Yong. I really hope that one day they will be successful in life and do the same to help the less fortunate. This story of Yang and Yong is small success story as result of using a pair of scissor to transform and touch lives. 

God has a great sense of humor when He gave me this vision. To transform and touch one’s  life through my scissor? Yes..this is just the beginning.

#HeavenOnEarth #BeAwesomeToSomebody