Monday. 26th Oct. 2015.

It was my offday. Decided to ring up Iris and asked if the kids needed a haircut. True enough cus I haven’t been cutting these kids hair for awhile. So I decided to bring along my apprentice barber , Nick Davis.

This time round was different . Nick brought along his tripod and iPhone 6 to shoot his Vlog. 

Check out his Vlog here.

It feels good that this begin to inspire more people like Nick and help them see beyond self. More than just a haircut , it can bring joy to some people. 



I’ve been thinking and planning a lot in expanding myself and finding ways to multiply myself. As much as I want to do more to inspire more people, I want to build a strong team as well .

 I’m so thankful and grateful that God has put great people in my life to journey this with me.  


Can’t wait for my next solo trip to Cambodia.

 Time for some good rest.