A group of us as usual went down to Central Market to meet our street friends. We give away foods and drinks.

My heart just felt there’s something special gonna happen today …

True enough, I was so welcome and greeted by the familiar faces ..asking why did I MIA for quite awhile …

Gave a few of the familiar faces new haircut and some good conversation.

There’s this 2 guy particularly that I never met before . We sat down for a chat and I realized they’re Sabahan and here for a job .. But living cost in KL is just too expensive..

Told them why not learn barbering. They laughed at the idea. I said , yes I’m serious 😀 … Let’s learn it now , like now ..

And a passerby uncle gave me a stare and start telling me stop helping these people .. They’re pure lazy and drug addict.. I was kinda dissapointed actually…

In my heart I just wanna tell the two brothers … I don’t care who you are and what’s your past. You can choose for your future. A better one.

We straight move on to our haircut lesson. Right there. On the street.