This is Ryu.

Ryuya Seki. He’s a traveller and backpacking around the world for a year.

Here’s his pit stop at Malaysia and he’s on his mission while backpacking. To raise fund for the earthquake in his homeland back in Japan. Village Kyushu.

It was a busy season for me due to business , training, and renovation work in my barbershop… having this guy here was right on time cus he offered to help me  paint my shop for free  🙂

Since we share the same passion for hairdressing , and Ryu’s mission was to use his skill for good cause…we find a lot of similiarities … So i decided to bring him around and use our skill to bring colours to our beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur .

Brought him to cut hair on the street for our homeless friend in KL.

Brought him to my hairdressing class at Dignity For Children Foundation and we taught the students together.

On Sunday , i brought him to a torturous hiking trip… more of torturing for me not him… i suffered blister and cuts for 10 hours of hike to Mount Nuang.  It was raining at the peak… but we cooked a storm up there…. and made many new friends..

Kinda miss this guy now.

Oh ya… Ryu raised in total RM980 just by cutting hair at my barbershop. He’s sending this money back to Kyushu for the construction work. When i asked him is RM980 too little ? He replied ………….

“its the spirit and value that matter. Its our value as Japanese  to help one another. ”

Here’s something for me to learn from this guy. Till we meet again.