Finally i’m free to sit down , and write….
After all the busyness,..  work load,…and stress…. i decided to get back to my blog.

About  3 weeks ago,

I finally finished my  teaching at Dignity For Children’s school. It is still surreal that this project i started has finally come to an end. In fact , its just the beginning.  Earlier this year , it was just a thought. A thought came to my mind……. ” How can i make a difference in this society  with my hairdressing skill of 12 years”….How can it break the cycle of poverty.  How can it be a blessing to many………………………………………………………………..     Then i thought, why not give it away 🙂

A vision was then birthed… to change lives through a pair of scissor. That’s why this blog was created. To pen down every step of it, the journey.


I first met the founder of  Dignity For Children Foundation earlier this year somewhere in February.2014-07-15 15.08.04


I shared with him how i would love to volunteer myself to teach “Haircut class” to the underprivileged kids.  It was all good and the planning begin to take place. I begin with looking for sponsors and donors.  God is good and He is Jehovah Jairah , God that provides 🙂 within  3 days of posting my  “Social Project” idea online, i begin to receive funding from the public and i even have donors all the way from CANADA !
There’s  a kind lady came up to me with a blank cheque and asked how much do i need  as for the remaining …… bammm  all the expenses to run this course is fully paid off  🙂

The fund received were use up to purchase all the hairdressing tools which include scissors, mirrors , hairdryers , clippers, section clips and etc.. …………and also to  print text books …

image image image imageimageimage


This is my first batch of students 🙂

image2014-07-21 12.31.282014-07-15 15.08.22 (1)

This class is unique with every kid coming from different background and upbringing… Some were refugees, some from single parent , some with “stateless” identity…  but all came with a same purpose, to learn and find ways to seek breakthrough in life..
That’s why DignityForChildren was formed to fulfill that purpose. You can read more at

After 5 months of teaching , the sense of fulfillment is just indescribable. It really bless my heart to see my students begin to create hairstyles , begin to cut clean and proper haircut independently. Some begin to cut for their friends. Some begin to cut for their family.

image image image image image image 2014-07-21 14.45.19 2014-08-26 10.32.41 HDR 2014-10-13 14.31.54 2014-10-13 15.03.04 2014-10-27 14.03.57 2014-11-17 15.37.17image image image image


One of my student, Muan Van actually sent me this pic.

2014-11-17 19.48.42


He told me that he was cutting his dad’s hair and he is glad that he could cut a proper and nice haircut for his dad. Likewise the dad is happy that he is benefiting from this hair cut class… It was just a simple haircut, but it remind me of my late dad who just pass away  a month ago… I miss my dad a lot.  But im glad , that my student can continue to do what i cant…… that is to cut his dad’s hair. For that, im contented.


One of my students, Juno… resettled in America with the help of UNHCR. She is so passionate about  what she learnt here in Malaysia and it inspire her to be a successful hairdresser one day.IMG_3065.JPGShe drew this pic when she was still in Malaysia .. Im glad that this project actually inspire her and gave her a sense of direction and perhaps a proffesional career path. And she begin to cut hair for her friends and families in US. I want to believe that it will change her life and break that cycle of poverty.

Some day, it’s tiring to juggle between work and teaching and also family… the last two month was really a struggle. My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer (stage 4) and i have to cancel certain days of teaching because i need to be at home taking care of dad. But i knew i have to keep going on and finish what i started. And finally , my students finished the race. I’m really encouraged by all the people around me that never fail to encourage me, support me , and believe in me… One of them , is my ex boss.. director of TONI&GUY Malaysia, Mr.David Mercer.

2014-12-04 00.06.52


Also encouraged by this instagram account @MarkBustos who is a hairdresser that dedicate his offdays to cut hair for the homeless.

2014-12-04 00.10.42


Finally… 5 months of haircut class.  It’s finally over …

2014-11-18 11.08.28 2014-11-18 11.07.16 2014-11-18 11.07.30 2014-11-18 11.04.02 2014-11-18 11.07.35 2014-11-18 11.04.49 2014-11-18 11.05.40 2014-10-27 16.18.07 2014-11-18 10.56.34 2014-11-18 10.59.12


I believe that its just the beginning for my students. After graduate i’ve been thinking a lot of bridging them closer to the society. Thats where i connect them to my fellow peers and we organised a charity haircut for the orphanage home. And yes, they get to practice their haircut at the same time make new friends. The idea is to make them feel that they’re one of us. To build their self esteem , a healthy self-image and ultimately give them the confidence to be in this society. As refugees, often they have to face poverty and countless of fear being ” foreigner” in this country. I believe in not just deliver knowledge to them , but to truly help them…. its really about building from the inside of them, right from being a friend to them and help them grow.

2014-11-30 09.34.03 2014-11-30 11.10.19 2014-11-30 09.17.23 2014-11-30 09.34.19

My next plan is to help them get a job in good hair salons.
Afterall, if i cant change the world , why not change someone’s world.  My vision is to help them build positive self-image , build that self esteem and confidence and ultimately break that cycle of poverty.. Everyday, is just one step closer to that goal…

Next year, i will continue this project. I have to admit that i’ve learnt so much by kickstarting this project this year…. 2015, it will be better.



Matthew 25 :40 –  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’