It was first day of Raya.

While working , I received tons of messages and facebook notifications of mention and text.

I wasn’t inform about the date of the feature but Kelly (journalist) texted me right after it was published online. 

Was really overwhelmed by the supports and encouragement. So glad that #HeavenOnEarth is known and more people are keen to participate in doing something more meaningful ..

Here’s the link to the online article. 

In the article mentioned about my dream.. I’m believing that it shall come to pass very soon. 

Had a long chat over dinner with David Oh, and he inspire and taught me a lot in bringing the reality of God to wherever we go. This is so crucial to me these days. The world have so much need and hurt. There’s no time to waste.

Bringing Heaven on earth is bringing the reality of God to this earth. You don’t have to die and then taste Heaven. May this continue to inspire many more people to use their time and talent wisely for the society.