First day….

these are pure gold


extrovert level 10


the caretaker of the pagoda


first home visit


this is David Tang


and that’s Cayman Yong clearing lice for the kids


Maran Ah Brang


its school holiday here, hence the hair color


you… yes you.


with Sally and Olivia











final day.


this small little kindergarden was built to serve the local community of children here. They are Buddhist , Muslim and Christian children. That’s how it should be . l


Gave Adele this experience , hope she’ll remembers it


when i took this picture , i was told about the story of this little girl. living in this slum and poor area , she couldnt get any proper education and looking at her size i thought she was in her 12 or 13 yrs old. But she’s almost 18. This break my heart.


my two impromptu assistant


thanks for teaching me about dedication.


without her , this trip can be quite boring ….. cus this girl can really talk 😀




at the end of my journey here, i decided to give all my tools to Aung MyoSen. its probably the greatest feeling ever.


our beautiful host , an amazing family, Ps Daniel, Ps Charity and their beautiful kids


one of my best experience was to know this man. we cant communicate much due to language barrier but God allowed us to converse in the language of Love.